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What is Olmek-P Compound

  • Olmek-P Compound is a rubber compound manufactured from rubber powders derived from end-of life time (ELT)truck tyre using our patented mechano-chemical devulcanization technology.
  • It is in the agglomerate form and can be easily incorporate into customer rubber compound.
  • Olmek-P can be blended with customer existing compound by topping up from 10% - 100% to meet customer’s product requirement with ease.
  • Our compound can be use as it is (100% Olmek-P) by adding sulphur into it. Please refer Certificate of Analysis, COA.
  • It has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacturing

Can be used for the following compounds:

  • Medium Retread compound
  • Dock fenders
  • Automotive components
  • Other General Rubber Products (GRP)

Products Specification

Product Blending Procedure

How to blend or mix Olmek-P?
  • Our recommendation of blending or mixing is by top up approach.
  • It can be mixed in the first stage of mixing together with polymer and carbon black or can be mixed during second stage.
  • Additional sulphur need to be added at the dosage of 5gm for every 1 kg of Olmek-P.
What is top up approach
  • Example:
    Top up 30% of weight on customer compound
    For every 1 kg customer compound we add 300gm of Olmek-P
    Volume increase from 1 to 1.3
  • Customer batch size: 60 kg
  • Quantity of Olmek-P should be : 18 kg (30% * 60)
  • Quantity additional Sulphur: 90gm (5gm sulphur * 18kg Olmek-P/ 1 kg Olmek-P)
  • Total Quantity: 78.09kg (60kg +18kg + 0.09)
  • For open mill (2-roll mills): Just follow the above calculation with volume increase:
  • For mixing in internal mixer: Need to reduce volume according to customer batch size which is 60kg.
    Customer compound would be adjusted from 60kg to 46.15kg (60/1.3)
    Olmek-P weight will be adjust from 18kg to 13.85kg ( 18/1.3)
    Additonal sulphur: 69.25gm (13.85 kg Olmek-P * 5gm sulphur)